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Monday July 7 2008

9:00 Welcome

Dark Energy I: Cosmology by distance

10:00 B. Schmidt:
Invited review
11:00 R. Pain:
SNLS (invited talk)
11:30 M. Wood-Vasey:
ESSENCE (invited talk)
12:00 Y. Copin:
The Nearby Supernova Factory: First Results

12h30: Lunch

Dark Energy II: Large Scale Structure

14:00 S. Sarkar:
invited review
15:00 A. Rassat:
Combined Analysis of Dark Energy with Euclid
15:25 J.C. Fabris:
Matter Power Spectrum in the Generalized Chaplygin Gas Model

16h00: Coffee Break

Dark Energy II (cont.): Large Scale Structure

16:45 P. Hunt:
Constraints on Large Scale Voids from WMAP-5 and SDSS
17:10 L. Amati:
Measuring cosmological parameters with the Ep,i-Eiso correlation of Gamma-Ray Bursts

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Tuesday July 8 2008

Dark Energy III: Cosmology by the Growth of Structure

9:00 C. Schimd:
invited review
10:00 A. Blanchard:
invited talk
10:25 M. Szydlowski:
The Sensitivity of Dark Energy Parameters on a Prior Choice

10h50: Coffee break

Dark Energy III (cont.): Cosmology by the Growth of Structure

11:30 F. Steiner:
invited talk
12:00 M.N. Célérier:
Challenging Dark Energy with Exact Inhomogeneous Models

12h30: Lunch

Dark Energy III (cont.): Cosmology by the Growth of Structure

14:00 S. Rasanen:
The effect of structure formation on the expansion of the Universe (invited review)
15:00 A. Parajanpe:
Structure Formation, Backreaction and Weak Gravitational Fields
15:30 Nan Li:
Signatures of Cosmological Backreaction

16h00: Coffee

Dark Energy III (cont.): Cosmology by the Growth of Structure

16:45 D. Wiltshire:
Gravitational Energy as Dark Energy: Towards Concordance Cosmology without Lambda

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Wednesday July 9 2008

Dark Matter I: Astrophysical Evidence for Dark Matter

9:00 K. Freese:
9:50 P. Jetzer:
Limits on Dark Matter and Cosmological Constant from Solar System Dynamics
10:10 P. Salucci:
The Universal Rotation Curve of Spiral Galaxies
10:30 A. Nakamichi:
Cosmological Dark Turbulence and Scaling Relations in Self-Gravitating Systems

10h55: Coffee Break

Dark Matter II: Links Between Dark Energy and Dark Matter

11:30 M. Morikawa:
Early Inflation and Recent Accelerated Universe Based on Bose-Einstein Condensation
11:55 A. Arbey:
Dark Energy vs. Dark Matter: Towards a Unifying Scalar Field?
12:20 B. Broda:
Quantum vacuum and accelerated expansion

Free Afternoon

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Thursday July 10 2008

Dark Matter III: Theoretical Candidates for Dark Matter Particles

9:00 P. Salati:
invited review
9:45 A.S. Majumdar:
Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter in Alternative Gravity Theories
10:05 D. Chelouche:
Compact Astrophysical Objects as Direct Dark Matter Probes

10h25: Coffee Break

Dark Matter III (cont.): Theoretical Candidates for Dark Matter Particles

11:00 S. Mohanty:
Fourth Generation Neutrino as Dark Matter
11:20 G. Belanger:
Dark Matter Candidates and Direct Detection
11:40 T. Eifert:
Searches for SUSY at the LHC and its implication with Dark Matter

12h00: Lunch

Dark Matter IV: Searches for Dark Matter Particles

14:00 E. Aprile:
Direct Detection Review
14:45 M. Pyle:
Challenges Faced in CDMS II and their Consequences in the Future
15:10 J.C. Lanfranchi:
15:35 V. Sanglard:

15h55: Coffee Break

Dark Matter IV (cont.): Searches for Dark Matter Particles

16:10 K. Miuchi:
Direction-Sensitive Dark Matter Search --NEWAGE--
16:30 H. Kraus:
EURECA: invited review
16:50 T.J. Noble:
Status of SNOLAB Dark Matter Search Programme
17:10 F. Mayet:
MIMAC : A MicroTPC Detector for Non-Baryonic Dark Matter Search

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Friday July 11 2008

Dark Matter IV (cont.): Searches for Dark Matter Particles

9:00 C. Goy:
Indirect detection: invited review
9:45 J. Lavalle:
Cosmological Dark Matter Sub-halos and Searches for Annihilation Signatures in the Antimatter Cosmic Rays
10:05 M. Vivier:
10:25 P. Picozza:
Dark Matter Research with the PAMELA Mission
10:45 H. Motz:
Search for Dark Matter with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope

11h05: Coffee Break
11:30 G. Ellis:
Closing Reflections

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