International Workshop on Stellar Spectral Libraries 2011
  International Workshop on Stellar Spectral Libraries 2011
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Important Dates
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August 1, 2011
September 15, 2011
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August 15, 2011
September 30, 2011
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August 1, 2011
August 15, 2011
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September 15, 2011
Conference Program

Tentative Programme for International Workshop on Stellar Spectral Libraries

The Conference Centre, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
5-9 December, 2011

  Monday, 5th Dec 2011
08:30-09:20   : Registration
09:20-09:30   : Opening Remarks by the Vice Chancellor Professor Dinesh Singh

Session Chair: Ajit Kembhavi

09:30-10:00   : Scott Trager
  Review of Empirical Libraries.
10:00-10:20   : Charlotte Clare Worley
  The AMBRE Project: Creating a Spectral Library from the ESO Archived Spectra.
10:20-10:40   : Ana Palacios
  The POLLUX Database of Synthetic Stellar Spectra.
10:40-11:00   : Yanping Chen
  The X-shooter Stellar Library.
11:00-11:30   : Tea / Coffee
11:30-12:00   : Patrick De Laverny
  A New Grid of Cool Stars High-resolution Synthetic Spectra in the Optical Domain.
12:00-12:20    : Federico Marocco
  An Atlas of L-T Transition Brown Dwarfs with VLT/Xshooter
12:20-12:40    : Yihan Song
  Stellar Spectral Flux Calibration.
12:40-13:00    : Elizabeth Griffin
  Five Steps Forwards and Four Back.
13:00-14:30   : Lunch at Guest House Lawns

Session Chair: Yongheng Zhao

14:30-14:50    : KailashSahu
  Spectroscopy of Microlensed Sources
14:50-15:10    : Boddapati Anandarao
  Infrared Spectra of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
15:10-15:30    : Tim-Oliver Husser
  A New Extensive Library of Synthetic Stellar Spectra from PHOENIX Atmospheres and its Application.
15:30-16:00   : Tea / Coffee
16:00-17:00    : Panel Discussion 1
  Spectral Libraries and Stellar Physics
19:00-21:00   : Welcome Reception
 Tuesday, 6th Dec 2011

Session Chair: Paula Coelho

09:30-10:00   : Claus Leitherer
  Models for Hot Stars from 100 to 10,000 A.
10:00-10:20   : Elena Kilpio
  Comparative Analysis of Modern Empirical Spectrophotometric Atlases with Multicolor Photometric Cata.
10:20-10:50   : Lucimara Martins
  Improving Synthetical Stellar Libraries using the Cross-Entropy Alorithm.
10:50-11:10   : Ali Luo
  Test Observation of Lamost and Stellar Spectra Classified.
11:10-11:40   : Tea / Coffee
11:40-12:00   : Alejandra Recio-Blanco
  Automatic Stellar Spectra Parametrisation based on Synthetic Spectra Grids in the Gaia Era.
12:00-12:20    : Sunetra Giridhar
  Stellar Parameterization using Artificial Neural Network.
12:20-12:40    : Yue Wu
  Automatic Determination of Stellar Atmospheric Parametera and Construction of Stellar Templates of the LAMOST.
12:40-13:00    : G. C. Anupama
  Classification of Spectra of Novae
13:00-14:30   : Lunch at Guest House Lawns

Session Chair: Philippe Prugniel

14:30-15:00    : Ajit Kembhavi
  Virtual Observatories
15:00-15:20    : Jingchang Pan
  The Design and Implementation of Multi-indexes on Catalog.
15:20-15:40    : NinanSajeeth Philip
  Learning Machines-New tools.
15:40-16:00   : Tea / Coffee
16:00-17:00    : Panel Discussion 2
  Stellar Populations
 Wednesday, 7th Dec 2011
Full day Delhi sightseeing followed by Banquet Dinner at India International Centre
Thursday, 8th Dec 2011

Session Chair: Claus Leitherer

09:30-10:00   : Eswar Reddy
  Stellar Elemental Abundances: A key parameter in unravelling the cosmic history.
10:00-10:20   : Arturo Manchado
  Stellar library of M Stars Isotopic C Abundances using APOGGE.
10:20-10:50   : Paula Coelho
  Chemical Abundance Anticorrelations in Globular Cluster: The Effect on Cluster Integrated Spectra.
10:50-11:20   : Tea / Coffee
11:20-11:50   : Mina Koleva
  Stellar Population Models in the Blue.
11:50-12:20    : Russell Cannon
  The Interpretation of Galaxy Spectra.
12:20-12:40    : Ramya Pozath
  Galactic Thick Disk and Stellar Streams: A Case Study
12:40-13:00    : Umesh Joshi
  Spectral Classification of some ISOGAL Sources Using Himalayan Chandra Telescope
13:00-14:30   : Lunch at Guest House Lawns

Session Chair: Scott Trager

14:30-14:50    : Devendra Kumar Ojha
  Study of Galactic Structure Using Ultra-Violet Surveys
14:50-15:10    : Annapurni Subramaniam
  Spectroscopy of Classical Be stars in our Galaxy and in the Magellanic Clouds.
15:10-15:30    : Jayant Murthy
  The need for stellar libraries in ISM work.
15:30-16:00   : Tea / Coffee
16:00-16:20    : Bharat Kumar Yerra
  Spectroscopic survey for Li-rich K giants: Origin of Li anomaly in K giants.
16:20-16:40    : Aruna Goswami
  On the Spectroscopic Characterization of Stars from Hamburg/ESO survey and a newly found HdC Star.
16:40-17:00    : Ashok Ambastha
  Spectral Line Profile Changes Associated with Energetic Solar Transients
Friday, 9th Dec 2011

Session Chair: Agnes Lebre

10:00-10:30   : Poster presenters
10:30-10:50   : Sandeep Sahijpal
  Numerical Simulations of the Galactic Chemical Evolution
10:50-11:10   : Ranjan Gupta
  Stellar Spectroscopy from Indian Telescopes--An overview
11:10-11:40    : Tea/Coffee
11:40-12:10   : G.C. Anupama
  Conference Summary
12:10-13:00   : Concluding Session
13:00-14:00   : Lunch at Guest House Lawns
Name Title
Bin Jiang Peculiar Stellar Spectra-complement to Stellar Spectral Libraries.
Bing Du Study on Individual Methods of the SSPP.
Chhavi Pandey Stratified Abundance Analysis of Chemically Peculiar Star HD103498.
Elizabeth Griffin The DAO Plate and Science Archive.
Fengfei Wang Improving of LAMOST Spectral Classifying and Radial.
Jeewan Ch. Pandey Spectral parameters of Quiescent State Coronae of RS CVn type binaries.
Jiannan Zhang Comparison between MARCS Spectra and Kurucz-ODF Spectra.
Krishnanand Sinha Solar Spectroscopy at ARIES.
K.P.Singh Steller Coronal Abundances.
Kaushal Analysis of Stellar Spectra using ULySS
Suhail Ahmad Siddiqui FIR Continuum and Line Emissions from Interstellar Medium in Galaxies.
Timur Sahin Follow up Observations of Three Bright halo Stars Selected From SDSS & GALEX Photometry
Thirupathi Sivarani Carbon Enhanced Stars: Parameters and Abundances from SDSS Spectra.
Valeri Malyuto Homogenized Effective Temperatures from Stellar Catalogues.
Vasudha Bhatnagar Automated Stellar Classification Tools and their Inter-Comparison.
Yanxin Guo Construction of Empirial Stellar Library for LAMOST.
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